Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering is a software development methodology that fuses development, security and operations while promoting collaboration and open communication between Developers and IT Operations professionals to create Reliable, Repeatable, Scalable and Highly Secure Software.

The Six Pillars of Platform Engineering

Auto Scaling

Effective Auto Scaling is a critical technique used to keep your environment up and running.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, CI/CD, modernizes application development practices and speeds up application development and deployment.

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Cloud Enablement

The Platform Engineering world commonly revolves around deploying to “the cloud,” usually Amazon’s AWS, Google, or Microsoft Azure.

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Popularized by Docker, containerization makes it easy to package an application with its full set of system dependencies.

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Immutable Infrastructure

Reliability, the key reason for building an immutable infrastructure.

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Securing your software is vital to preventing intrusions and data breaches. Learn about FP Complete's multilayered approach to security.

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Kube360® Best-in-Breed Tooling


Today's De Facto Standard for Container Implementation


Best-in-Class Container Orchestration System


A Multi-Platform Open Source Analytics and Interactive Visualization Web Application


Istio is an open platform that provides a uniform way to connect, manage, and secure microservices


Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes

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