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Next Generation Software Engineering

At FP Complete, we are first and foremost architects and engineers. Our talented engineering team has 500+man years of experience working in modern architecture. Whether you are looking to automate your development environment or construct a new commercial world, let us show you the art of the possible with our custom architecture and development services.

We work with all technology stacks, but are particularly fond of Rust and Haskell.

Platform Engineering: Containers, Cloud-Native, CI/CD & Security

We live and breathe Platform Engineering at FP Complete. We are industry authorities on Open Source Tooling, the foundation for DevOps, and specialize in building secure DevOps environments from the ground up. Whether you are looking to implement a CI/CD pipeline, deploy Infrastructure-as-Code, integrate tooling into your enterprise security or ensure all network traffic is encrypted at source, FP Complete is your technology partner of choice to make it happen. Our mantra is Better, Faster, Economical, and More Secure

Cloud Enablement

We believe that developing software in functional units of work that can be deployed in a scalable, fault tolerant and secure manner on any physical or virtualized environment is the key to technological and commercial agility. That is why we have embraced the cloud as the right path forward for modern application architecture. Let us help you architect a path to containerizing your world. 

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

FP Complete is an industry authority on Blockchain Architecture and Smart Contracts. Our roots in advanced programming in regulated industries gives us an edge in understanding the technical complexities inherent within blockchain and smart contracts. As a result, we can help you and your team architect, implement the correct blockchain solution, and avoid security and implementation pitfalls. If you need assistance with a Blockchain application or need Blockchain Certification, let us be your partner with these commercial and cutting-edge technologies.


FP Complete's guiding engineering philosophy is to use better tools, languages, and processes to produce better software. FP Complete has achieved this by using advanced programming languages since its inception.

Rust is a relatively new language that we have found revolutionizes how software is written. Born out of the real-world needs at Mozilla, Rust has received widespread industrial support from companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and many more. We've been heavily into Rust for the past three years. In addition to internal usage for product development, FP Complete regularly offers Rust services in:

  • Code review
  • Custom software development
  • Architecture
  • Consulting
  • Training (both beginners and intermediates)


FP Complete offers a range of training options for Platform Engineering, Rust, and Haskell. Get your team up to speed in a fraction of the time, and bypass common pitfalls.