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About Kube360

Kube360® is our managed, fully integrated Enterprise Kubernetes Ecosystem. Kube360® standardizes containerization, software deployment, fault tolerance, auto-scaling, auto-healing and security - By Design. Its modular, standardized architecture mitigates proprietary lock-in, high support costs, and obsolescence.

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A unified interface for visualization and insights on every level of detail for your cluster

Health Indicators

Panels with high-level health indicators that are suited for display on large screens in an "ops-room" or "command-center" for first-responders, as well as detailed visualizations into the guts of the activity on a cluster are pre-configured to be easily customizable for all applications.

Real-Time Traffic Analysis

Real-time traffic analysis is made easy with live-traffic animation, color-coded network configuration graphs and deep-tracing. When coupled with a global logging solution like Loki, the monitoring dashboard becomes a complete solution for debugging large-scale deployments, where filters and time-windows are unified across metrics and logs, giving engineers the ability to quickly focus on only what is relevant to a particular incident.

Where Kube360 Runs

Kube360® Delivers a Seamless Deployment Experience for Our Clients. Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud – Kube360® is Ready

Kube360® Benefits

Developers want an agile and stable platform to write code. Operators want a centralized Command Center that is easy to manage and support. Product Teams want faster software deployments. Management wants to lower risk and manage costs. Kube360®checks all the boxes - “Out-of-the-Box”!


  • Command Center
  • Auto-Healing
  • Auto-Scaling
  • High Availability
  • Monitoring


  • Plug-In Ready
  • Fully Configured
  • Fully Integrated
  • Fully Managed
  • Complete Documentation
  • Example Manifests


  • Dense Pod Packing
  • Machine Usage Monitoring
  • Efficient Machine Usage
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • No Vendor Lock-In

More Secure

  • Delegation Authentication
  • Role-Based Authentication
  • Unified login
  • Sensible Default Policies
  • Standarized Architecture

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From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, Fintech, biotech, financial services and everything in between.

FP Complete and Kube360 fit the bill perfectly! FP Complete helped us achieve our goal for one of our critical applications through modernization and private cloud deployment utilizing a Kube360 Cluster. Our experience working with FP Complete has been great, and we look forward to a strong partnership in the future.
Director of Product Development & Program Management

eClerx A multinational leader in innovative business processes, change management, analytics, and data-driven insights

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