Reliable High Performance Execution, Runtime Safety,
and Easier Concurrency

FP Complete's guiding engineering philosophy is to use better tools, languages, and processes to produce better software. Rust is relatively new language which we believe can revolutionize how software is written. Born out of the real world needs at Mozilla, Rust has received widespread industrial support from companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and many more.

Why Rust?

Rust aims to achieve an ambitious set of goals:

  • High performance, with zero runtime, in the same league as C and C++
  • Strong ergonomics, with developer productivity in line with Python and Ruby
  • Great safety, leveraging a powerful type system on a par with Haskell and its own special feature: the borrow checker

Arguably the greatest revolution of Rust is keeping the low latency approach of a non-garbage collected language, while keeping the core language fully safe from memory bugs. This has led to the powerful combination of ownership, borrow checking, tracked lifetimes, and immutability-by-default.

With its constant focus on ergonomics, Rust aims to keep developers productive while writing fast, safe code. And its strong type system makes it possible to scale up to large teams and large codebases.

And finally, Rust is concurrent out of the box. One of its slogans is "fearless concurrency." With thread safety built into its types, an easy-to-use async subsystem, and powerful asynchronous frameworks, you can write software that safely scales to meet your demands.

The catch? Rust has a learning curve. And that's where FP Complete comes in.

Rust at FP Complete

FP Complete has been using advanced programming languages since its inception. We've been heavily into Rust for the past three years. In addition to internal usage for product development, FP Complete regularly offers Rust services in:

  • Training (both beginners and intermediates)
  • Code review
  • Custom software development
  • Architecture
  • Consulting

We'd love to hear about your needs. To set up a call with one of our Rust experts, please contact our sales team.

If you're interested in getting started, please check out our Rust Crash Course eBook.

Learn more

FP Complete regularly blogs on Rust topics both simple and advanced. Check out the FP Complete blog for all of our content, or view articles tagged for Rust. Some of our most popular Rust posts include:

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