FP Complete Haskell

The strong, lazy type

Welcome to FP Complete's Haskell education hub! This page contains links to content we believe is most helpful in learning to create commercial Haskell software.

In addition to free online learning material, we also offer training coursing at all levels. For more information, see our training page.


Just getting started with Haskell? We recommend:


Once you know the basics, it's time to solidify your skills. Follow our Applied Haskell syllabus for our recommended set of material. If you'd like a more hands-on training, check out our Haskell Success program.

We also recommend checking out our Haskell best practices.

When you're ready, it's a great idea to try contributing to an open source Haskell project.


Finished the syllabus, or looking for specific material? Keep reading the rest of this page for a collection of additional reference information. In particular: