Contribute to Haskell

Want to up your Haskell skills? Interested in getting involved in the open source world? Here's a list of projects which encourage newcomer contributions!

Ready to start contributing to an open source Haskell project? Great! Contributing to an active Haskell project can be a great way to exercise your Haskell skills and get some feedback from others in the community.

While there are many projects worth contributing to, the list below is curated for projects which actively encourage newcomer contributions, and should be well set up for mentoring people still learning the language.

If you'd like to have your project included in this list, please contact an FP Complete engineer.

Typically, if you're interested in contributing to a project, find an issue on its issue tracker and drop a comment asking if it would be a good issue to get started with. Many of the links below are filtered for issues specifically tagged for newcomers.