We aired our second webinar in our ongoing series on Wednesday, May 9th. The topic was "Practical Property Testing in Haskell." This webinar is one in our continuing series covering topics in Haskell Programming, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Cryptocurrencies, FinTech, Medical Device Software, DataOps, and all the other great things we do. If you want to be notified of future webinars, we highly recommend you subscribe to our blog post by providing your email and clicking  the  Subscribe Button  button  on the top right of this page .

Webinar number two lived up to expectations

We were excited to see that our second webinar almost achieved the same level of response as our first webinar.  We had 311 registrants for this event that were eager to hear how we do practical property testing in Haskell at FP Complete.

The webinar was hosted by Tom Sydney Kerckhove (software engineer) who plays an instrumental role in helping our clients build proper software testing practices in their organization. Tom discussed how to implement proper property testing in Haskell. He moved way beyond the classic toy examples and examined real-world scenarios. He took a deep dive into how to make property tests interact with web services or database systems. He also explained how to use custom generators and testing combinators. Other topics discussed are as follows:

The feedback from the webinar was fantastic, and we are looking forward to airing our next webinar on Wednesday, June  6th at 10 AM PST. The webinar will be hosted by our CEO, Aaron Contorer, and the topic is "DevOps to Prepare for a Blockchain World." We are very excited about this topic because FP Complete has been working with several companies who are building their own blockchains and cryptocurrencies. We have been involved in everything from blockchain audits to major software development projects that are creating new currencies, so we have a lot to say. Subscribe to our blog post to be invited to this upcoming event.

As a side note, we recently began an initial audit assessment project with Credits.com. Check out the press release about this new partnership UPDATE external blog post removed.

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State of Haskell 2018 report is released

We are happy to report the survey we conducted several months ago has been converted into our new report on the State of Haskell.  You can download the report by clicking the image below.


If you haven't heard, we just published an ebook about FinTech and DevOps. Since the majority of the customers we serve are classified as FinTech companies, we wanted to share the 5 Killer DevOps Strategies that every FinTech company should practice. Click the picture below to get your free copy today.

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