Deploying software can certainly have its challenges, but Deni Burtovic walks you through everything you need to know when it comes to deploying Haskell applications with Kubernetes.  As you watch the webinar, we also encourage you to follow along by viewing the presentation which can be found here - Deploying Haskell Apps with Kubernetes.

About the Webinar

The webinar will focus on a quick Kurbernetes refresher and demonstrate how to create a Kube cluster using Terraform and Kops. Deni will discuss pods, deployments, services, and load balancers. Deni will use kubectl and deploy to demonstrate the deployment of a built image. You will also see how Docker images can be used in Haskell applications. There are plenty of questions asked by our viewers at the end of the video so don't leave until the video is complete because you will all about the advanced DevOps techniques employed by FP Complete.

During the webinar Deni shared the following links:
Watch the Webinar

The slides to this webinar are also available at Deploying Haskell Apps with Kubernetes

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In case you haven't read it yet

Our State of Haskell Report 2018 has proven to be an excellent read for those that are interested where the language is heading, and its rate of adoption for commercial applications.  You can download the report by clicking the image below. Also, Aaron was recently interviewed by InfoQ about the report, and you can find that article here - Haskell Adoption and User Satisfaction Growing.

Finally - Fix your DevOps Challenges

If you haven't heard, we just published an ebook about DevOps and the 5 strategies you can implement now to help your IT Projects. Click the picture below to get your free copy today.

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