We have been running a mirror of Hackage package repository which we use internally for the FP Complete Haskell Centre's IDE, building Stackage, and other purposes. This has been an open secret, but now we're making it official.

To use it, replace the remote-repo line in your ~/.cabal/config with the following:

remote-repo: hackage.fpcomplete.com:https://hackage.fpcomplete.com/

Then run cabal update, and you're all set.

This mirror is updated every half-hour. It is statically hosted on Amazon S3 so downtime should be very rare (Amazon claims 99.99% availability).

The mirror does not include the HTML documentation. However, Stackage hosts documentation for a large set of packages.

We have also released our hackage-mirror tool. It takes care of efficiently updating a static mirror of Hackage on S3, should anyone wish to host their own. While the official hackage-server has its own support for mirroring, our tool differs in that it does not require running a hackage-server process to host the mirror.

HTTPS for Stackage

On a tangentially related note, we have enabled TLS for www.stackage.org. Since cabal-install does not support TLS at this time, we have not set up an automatic redirect from insecure connections to the https:// URL.

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