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Beta sign-up Blog

It’s almost here! After months of hard work by our engineers, I am pleased to announce that we’ve opened up sign-up for beta of FP Haskell Center, the world's first commercial Haskell IDE and deployment platform. The beta will be released by the end of the month, and we are eager to have your active testing and feedback so we can deliver a great product that the market needs in early September. As an appreciation and reward for being in the beta program, we will offer special incentives to the finished product when available. Details of the offer will be announced in late July/early August.

The IDE includes a Haskell compiler and a continually updated set of vetted, tested and supported libraries and code templates. There is no need to run Cabal or other installers. The FP Haskell Application Server is used to deploy and run Haskell applications directly in the cloud with no additional effort. A free shared instance is included with every account. Larger and dedicated instances are available for active project deployments at a reasonable monthly charge.

FP Haskell Center’s key features and benefits are:

  • Simplifies the writing and deploying of Haskell applications from a single online dashboard.
  • Cloud-based development frees you to move among multiple devices without needing your own functioning Haskell environment.
  • Integrated deployment frees you from needing to run a specific OS to match build and production environments.
  • A hierarchical module tree for:
  • convenient management (renaming, moving, deleting modules or whole trees)
  • navigation (much easier to read, expand/collapse)
  • Regular, automatic parsing and type checking as feedback inside the editor and unobtrusive error output below.
  • Type and documentation inspection of names.
  • Integrated access to sample code, School of Haskell tutorials, Haddock documentation service, and Hoogle resource database.

Sign-up for beta of FP Haskell Center.