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Use Hashicorp's Vault to Manage Secrets and Protect Sensitive Data

Managing secrets and distributing credentials are hard to do in practice. Engineers often take shortcuts and jepordize security as a result. Businesses don't have insights into these vulnerabilities, but find out in forensic investigations after an attack.

All of this is made more difficult in the cloud.

Vault makes best practices for these workflows more accessible, and reduces the complexity of your devops infrastructure.

Vault allows us to scale best-practices for handling secrets to the dynamic infrastructure of the cloud.

But Vault introduces fundamental changes to deployment systems and architecture, and Vault has a learning curve.

Our strong focus on secure and dependable software at FP Complete makes Vault a natural fit, and we're proud to offer our services to improve and secure your application deployments with Hashicorp's Vault.

Vault tightly controls access to secrets and encryption keys, validating client identity against trusted authentication backends. Vault ships with numerous secret providers and authentication backends, making it extremely flexible and capable of intergrating with a wide variety of existing systems.

Vault's Use Cases

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Love DevOps? We're hiring!